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I am an award-winning teacher at the University of Virginia. I have taught a diverse student body – over 400 students across 21 sections of four courses in two countries. I have taught courses in Comparative Politics, International Relations, Chinese politics, and Human Rights. I received the Best Graduate Teacher Award in recognition of pedagogical excellence and innovation, which fewer than 5% of instructors at the University of Virginia receive. I am able to teach core courses in Comparative Politics, International Relations, research method courses, area study courses in East Asia, and more advanced courses that are related to my research.

Teaching Credentials:


University of Virginia Best Graduate Teacher Award, Spring 2015



- International Relations of East Asia, Fall 2019, Singapore Management University

- Chinese Foreign Policy, Fall 2019, 2020, 2023 Singapore Management University, Colgate University

- Media and International Relations, Fall 2019, 2020, Singapore Management University

- Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2015, University of Virginia

- Chinese Politics, Fall 2015, Fall 2014, Fall 2013, University of Virginia

- Ethics and Human Rights in World Affairs, Spring 2014, University of Virginia

- Introduction to Comparative Politics, Spring 2005, National University of Singapore


- University of Virginia Teaching as a Graduate Student (TAGS) Program

Teaching Evaluations:

Click here for a summary of teaching evaluations.

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